Just read an article on CNN.com titled “Pushy Bloggers Take On Travel Industry”. It was a VERY exciting article. Here’s the link – Publicity, Blogging and Incredible Power

Why is this article so exciting? Because it’s one of the best examples I’ve read showing the remarkable swing of power away from the corporate structure and toward the individual.

Prior to blogging, Twitter and other such social media the individual had little power. If the telephone company screwed you over, too bad. You were stuck.

If a department store provided bad service, tough. You had to live with it.

Oh sure, maybe you would complain to a few friends and neighbors. But that was usually the extent of it.

Now, in just minutes, you can tell the whole world. Plus, you can get immediate attention from the media, creating a tremendous amount of publicity.

Kinda seems like the meek have inherited the earth. Now where have I heard that before?

I’ll have a lot more to say on this subject. For now, though, be sure you’re blogging – and that you’re doing it responsibly. It’s just as easy to be seen as a responsible, influential blogger as it is to be seen as a crackpot. It’s all up to you.

Also, be sure you know how to use Twitter in the best ways possible and that you’re maximizing Twitter in getting your messages out. If you need more help on this one, go to my Twitter website.

We’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy. An incredible world of opportunity is open to you, regardless of your station in life. Learn how to use it. Use it responsibly. Then make some changes in this screwed up world.

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  1. Signe A. Dayhoff, Ph.D. Says:

    Great article on responsible blogging and its impact (“Pushy Bloggers …”). I admit to not having seen that kind of potential. Thanks for the 2X4 to the back of my cranium. You’re the man!

  2. Ana-Marie Says:

    Oh Paul, how the pendulum does swing! We had years and years where the average person with few resources had no real voice, no real platform, no easy way to be heard. Now, finally, we have voices, channels, opportunities AND we are seeing the results quickly.

    This gives me great hope for vulnerable people and communities across the globe. I agree with Signe, this is a great article.
    Thanks for sharing it. You do indeed ROCK!


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