I’m home from my 16th annual trip to the NY State Fair.  I’ve got my typical case of post-Fair blues.  It’s 12 of the most enjoyable days of every year for me.  It’s also a never-ending stream of publicity lessons and opportunities.

The NY State Fair is a REAL Fair.  It’s not just rides and funnel cakes.  It’s competitions such as sheep shearing, goat milking, small engine diagnosis and repair, talent, etc.  When someone wins one of these competitions, the people associated with The Fair send out press releases.  But for thousands of other people, excellent publicity opportunities are passed up because they don’t think to send out a press release for their accomplishment.

Or they don’t know how to send out a press release.  An enormous waste of great opportunity.

Local media would love to hear that you came in third in the llama competition.  Or 6th in the junior talent competition.  You don’t have to come in first in order to be newsworthy.  Just the fact that you were involved in a competition makes you newsworthy.

Last night I had my monthly publicity coaching call.  It was the best coaching call I’ve had.  Fortunately I recorded the call.  I’ll be putting it in the private online publicity community I’m developing.

On that call one of my members asked if it would be worthwhile to let the local media know about book signings a client of hers is doing.  She wasn’t sure if it was newsworthy.

Just the fact that the person is appearing at a bookstore signing copies of her books is not very newsworthy.  But I recommended that in the news releases she mentions a little bit about the person’s background, which was interesting.  She should mention that the author will be answering questions from people who want to have books published.  She’ll also be signing copies of her book.

That would be much more newsworthy.

The lesson here – don’t think that because you didn’t win or didn’t come out on top or weren’t the best at something doesn’t mean you can’t get publicity.  It’s almost irrelevant where you placed in a competition or how long it took you to accomplish something – just the fact that you did something makes you newsworthy.

Publicity opportunities are around you every single day of your life.  Put some effort into how to recognize them and then take advantage.

Publicity has given me everything I could want in life.  I’d love to hear you say the same thing one day.

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