I was just scanning the news when a headline grabbed my attention and made me laugh so hard my dogs looked at me to see that everything was OK. Here’s the headline:

“How to Date a Crazy Cat Lady”.

Is that great?

That headline forces you to read the article. You have no choice.

That’s the purpose of your press release headline – to force the reporter to keep reading. There’s no doubt that this headline did it’s job.

Your headline doesn’t have to be that powerful to do a good job. In fact, your headline can be fairly routine and still do a superb job.

I’ll go more into headlines in a future post.

I’ve got dogs to take care of, so that’s it for now.

See you next time.

Oh, wait a minute. Do you want to read the article about the crazy cat ladies? Then just CLICK HERE, but do it right away. I don’t know how long the article will stay up.

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  1. Peter A. Schaible Says:

    Hi Paul,

    I’m enjoying your blog even more than your newsletter. It’s fresh and spontaneous and fun.

    I urge you to share all the great headlines you find, and all your readers to submit all their favorite headlines, too. As a copywriter, I’m always adding great headlines to my swipe file. You can’t have too many sources of inspiration…

    — Peter

  2. Scot McKay Says:

    That’s a true gem of an article. Not only is the headline great, but despite the outrageous premise of the article itself the author is actually offering great advice. I think we’ve all met this woman somewhere before.

    As a dating coach, I’d love to have thought of this one myself…LOL Interestingly, the woman in my life is allergic to cats, serving only to demonstrate her “perfect imperfection”. Perhaps ironically, she also believes that guys who like cats too much are a bit “soft”. Haha.

    Nice find!

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