I’ve always been a Mac guy…

ever since Apple released the first Mac decades ago.

I love the sleek lines of my Mac

I love the apple watching over me.

When I have a tough time falling asleep, I lay my Powerbook on the pillow next to me, wrap my arms around it and drift off into sweet dreams of increased traffic to my websites and Ed McMahon at my door with a giant check.

I’ve never cheated on my Mac. Never. Not once.

Not even while I was on the road, thousands of miles away, speaking at seminars.

But now I’ve done it.



I just bought…..

….a PC.

The gates of hell have opened and Satan himself is inviting me in.

I can already feel the viruses crawling all over me like fleas.

I can hear the crashes of the operating system.

I can see the warnings like: “Your dll55 has a BIOS in it’s CMOS. You must immediately initiate a cron job.”

When my Mac had problems – which was as often as Bill Clinton told the truth – it simply said: “I have a bit of a problem. Would you please restart me?”.

How polite – and clear.

Why have I stooped so low when my life seemed to be going so well?

I’ve joined a coaching program that uses a lot of their own PC software. The fools.

But Macs are like dogs. They live in the moment – and they instantly forgive.

My Mac will still be my main squeeze. But even with the friendly smile on its face every time it starts up, my Mac will still know there’s a PC nearby.

There’s a dark cloud over my home. But hopefully the anti-virus software, the firewall, the anonymous router, the spam filters, the anti-spyware, anti-scumware, anti-popup, anti-everything software will let some rays of sunshine come through.

Oh, did I mention that Macs don’t have any of those problems?

I’ve got to go. I have an appointment at my local Mac user group to apologize and beg forgiveness.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another post to this blog – done with my Mac.

P.S. – You all know how much I love, honor and respect dogs. I thought it would be reasonable to get a second opinion about this PC situation. So I asked a very intelligent pup for his opinion.

His answer is below:

A dog's opinion of a PC

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  1. David Portney Says:


    First of all, that puppy cute cute CUTE! (did the laptop survive its “opinion”?)

    Second – I truly empathize about your Mac vs. PC situation – I had to be dragged kicking and screaming from my Mac to a PC for very similar reasons: some terrific business software I purchased way back in the dark ages of the early ’90’s was not available on Mac, yikes!

    But, the software was part of a System that really worked, if you took the steps the system told you to take (just like your terrific Publicity System works, if you follow it!)- and the PC-only software was part of that system…

    Eventually I *got over it* – I reckoned that using both a Mac and a PC was a “demonstration of my adaptability and willingness to be flexible” – ha!-how’s that for a good rationalization!

    Well, hope you enjoy your PC (Don’t toss it out the window (pardon the pun) the first time it crashes… you’ll get used to that!

    David Portney

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