For years I’ve been ranting about why some people aren’t getting publicity. I’m going to keep the rant alive right here.


I get tons of emails from subscribers.  Many of them go on, page after page, telling me why their business is different.  Or why my publicity formula won’t work for them.  Or why I don’t really understand their problems when it comes to getting publicity.


I never answer those emails.  In fact, I usually take those people off the mailing list.


For years I’ve been giving you dozens and dozens of examples of how people have succeeded in getting publicity for a huge range of products and services.  Some of them are frankly quite routine and seemingly have nothing of interest to reporters.


But the successful people know that anything can be turned into a publicity opportunity.


You’ve read about my student Jay Kamhi several times.  Jay sells toilet paper, talking key chains and other such novelties.  Does anything Jay produces make a significant impact on the history of America and its people?


Certainly not.


But he’s gotten enormous amounts of publicity.




Because he keeps stepping up to the plate and swinging the bat.


Sometimes he strikes out.  But when he gets a hit it makes up for hundreds of strikeouts.


A woman recently purchased my publicity kit and returned it soon after she received it.  She wanted a refund.  She told me that my system couldn’t possibly work for her product.


What she didn’t know was that as she was returning the kit, three other members of mine were getting great publicity for the exact same product.


So many people put up their own barriers.  There really aren’t any barriers there.


One of the sayings I live by goes like this:


“The vast majority of people are affected by the world. A tiny number of people affect the world.”


Who said that?


Me.  They’re words I live by every day.


If you aren’t in that tiny percentage of people who affect the world, why not?


What are you afraid of?  What barriers are you putting up in front of you?


Are you not even trying to get publicity because you’ve already determined you won’t be able to do it?


Or that reporters won’t be interested in your topic?


Or that you’ll get nervous when you do the interviews?


That’s simply making up excuses for not taking action.  It’s also living in fear.


Successful people (and I’m proud to say I’m one of them) are successful for one simple reason.  We take action.  We may not succeed all the time.  In fact we fail many, many times.


But we just don’t care.  We know the pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow, so we just keep following the rainbow.


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