Every year or two I give my subscribers a golden opportunity to get quality information products at a fraction of the original prices.

I also use this sale to raise money for various charities.

My sale this year is now up and running. All the money generated from this sale will be donated to various animal welfare organizations.


So, have you been holding off getting my publicity system because of the price? Well, if you’re willing to take an earlier cassette edition (instead of CDs) with some cosmetic damage, but with perfectly good information, you can get it at a huge discount.

Same for my Professional Speaker Training system, products from some of the most successful marketers out there, etc.

I’ve got thousands and thousands of dollars worth of info products up for sale, all at irresistible prices.

But, fair warning. It’s first come, first served.

So right now go to:


and grab what you want. Email my assistant, Denise, at Denise@Hartunian.com to find out if what you want is still available.

But jump on it right now. Don’t wait until your next break. Don’t wait until after dinner. Those info products you’ve wanted may be gone.


Do something good for yourself – and do something good for animals in need.


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