So you got part 1 of my success formula – take massive action.

And part 2 – focus like a laser beam.

On to part 3.

The third part of my success formula is probably the one fewest people do – or even think to do – even though it’s every bit as important as the other two.

The third reason I’m so successful is that I outsource just about everything.

By outsourcing I mean that I have other people do work I should not be doing.  I don’t mean that I shouldn’t be doing the work because it’s beneath me.  I mean that I shouldn’t be doing it because it’s either not my area of expertise, or it’s something I don’t like doing, so it slows me down, or it’s something that will take up time I could use more profitably.

Let me give you an example.

When I first came out with my Million Dollar Publicity System 13 years ago, I would go to a local printer, have him print up a bunch of copies.  I’d them go to a video duplicator and have the video tapes duplicated.  Same for the audio tapes.

I’d then go back to each shop a few days later and pick up the various parts.  Then I’d box them up, go to the post office and have them shipped.

What a phenomenal waste of time.

Now I just ask my assistant Denise to stay in touch with my fulfillment house, Selby Marketing, to be sure we have enough of all my products on the shelf.  Selby Marketing (1-585-377-0750) handles all of my orders, all of my returns, maintains inventory, etc.  I do nothing but review the monthly invoices.

I’m an excellent copywriter, but it takes me a long time to write a powerful sales letter.  Too long.  So I outsource all of my marketing writing jobs.

I outsource anything I possibly can.  I’m thrilled to pay people to do what I can’t, don’t want to or shouldn’t be doing.  I know that every dollar I spend on outsourcing comes back to me hundreds of times over.

My time is best spent working on product and marketing ideas.  It’s the most profitable, the most rewarding and the most important to growing my business and making me more successful.

The formula is simple:

1 – take massive action

2 – focus with laser beam accuracy

3 – outsource everything you can

It may be simple but it takes effort to put it into action.  After all, it’s the effort that truly produces the results.

See you next time.

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  1. Jonathan Says:

    Hi Paul

    Hey … surely there is fourth part to your success formula?

    1. Take massive action
    2. Focus
    2. Outsource

    What say you?

    PS. I have been following your news since 1998! I also have your publicity kit … it works. (See my website at

  2. margaret Says:

    could you elaborate what you mean by “fast massive action”. I see that term thrown around quite a lot by “success gurus” and not one yet has given me a clear understanding.

    Taking action, yes – that I understand. Procrastination seldom leads to profit.

    Let me give you an example – lets say you see two swimmers in the pool. One is throwing their arms round and round, legs kicking like mad, churning up the water something awful. The other swimmer leans into the water, extends one arm at a time, kicks from the hip, barely makes a splash.
    One swimmer looks like they are taking massive action, the other looks like they are cruising.
    But the one who will get to the other end of the pool will be the second.

    This concept of fast massive action can be very misleading, and enormously disheartening for the uninitiated.

    Can you please elaborate on what it means to you?

  3. Paul Hartunian Says:

    Sure, Margaret.

    I’ll give you an example on a topic near and dear to me – publicity.

    Many people will send out one press release – and maybe to 10 local reporters. That’s the extent of their publicity campaign. That’s the extent of their effort and action.

    Fast, massive action would go like this –

    1) you write 5 or 6 press releases on different aspects of your story (following my system, of course). This takes far less effort that it may seem. A new headline, a few small changes in the body copy and you’ve got a new press release. So write one press release, make some changes and create the additional releases.

    2) you make sure you have your response vehicle set up – by that I mean the following: if you are going to drive people to your website as a result of your media interviews, you have your opt in page, sales page or web page ready to go, your autoresponder series all set to go, etc.

    3) set up a schedule of sending out one of your press releases per week.

    4) do your interviews

    5) check your web stats for response to your interviews

    6) as a result of your interviews you come up with additional press release ideas

    and so on….

    Get my point?

    Many people think what I just described is too hard, takes too much time, will take too much time to learn, isn’t interesting enough. They tell me how busy they are, how little time they have available to create and follow such a system, etc.

    Those people will continue to live lives of mediocrity.

    They simply are looking for the next tactic to execute instead of creating a system that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

    The people who see the incredible value in the system I just described and commit to doing whatever it takes to be successful will live the lives they dream of.

    It’s that simple.

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