It seems that you all appreciate most the specific examples I give you on how to get publicity.  So, let’s do more of it.


Obviously I don’t know each of you and what it is that you want to promote.  But if I keep giving you specific examples of how to get publicity, you’ll get the idea and you’ll be able to transfer the information I give you to whatever your product or service happens to be.


This time let’s take a look at how accountants and other financial services professionals can get publicity pretty darned easily.


Remember that one of the best ways to get publicity is to solve a problem.  Every single product and service on earth solves a problem.  That includes *your* product or service.


Accountants and financial professionals do nothing *but* solve problems.  They solve the problem of avoiding costly audits, reducing taxes, increasing retirement benefits, increasing income and on and on.


Let’s look at just one tiny part of all that problem solving.  How about tax deductions.  Do you think the average person would be interested in finding out about tax deductions they probably forgot about?  Tax deductions that could put a bundle of bucks right back into their pockets?


You bet they would.  Wouldn’t you?


So the headline for that press release is simple:


“16 Deductions I Know You Forgot About”


Then go on to talk about the deductions.


What kind of information do you have that you know people forgot about?


How about:


“16 Gardening Rules I Know You Forgot About”


“16 At-Home Health Checks I Know You Forgot About”


“16 Critical Dating Rules I Know You Forgot About” and so on.


I don’t have to go on any more.  You get the point.


I’m going to get to one more point before I wrap up this post.  If you want to have the maximum opportunity to get publicity, get my publicity kit NOW.  Can I be any more direct?


I know that a bunch of you read every word of this blog thinking you’ll learn all you need to know about publicity that way.


It’ll probably take you 6 years to get it all by just reading this blog.


Time is ticking away.  Your life is ticking away.  Get in the express lane and learn what you need to know *now*!


Over the years I’ve been writing this blog I’ve obviously proven to you that I’m the person who is THE expert at showing you how to get publicity for whatever it is you want to promote.


If I haven’t proven that to you, why the heck are you still reading this?


So, if you’re still reading and you’re convinced that I’ve got the system that works, why don’t you own and benefit from my publicity kit.


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