So you don’t think you have anything that would be interesting to the media?  Nothing reporters would want to talk to you about?  Nothing that would be interesting enough to get you some publicity?  I just got back from Las Vegas and, based on something I saw, I may be able to change your mind.

As I was walking through the lobby of my hotel, I saw a typical shoe shine stand.  An older gentleman was at the stand, shining shoes.  He had the typical equipment anyone would expect to see – shoe polish, cloths, brushes, etc.

I didn’t give it much thought.

But as I walked past his stand, I notice a frame on the wall behind his stand.  I walked closer and saw that it was a huge article all about him!  The article talked about how he got started in the shoe shine business, people who’ve come to his stand over the years, interesting things that have happened to him, etc.

That was the whole article.  But this wasn’t just another shoe shine guy.  He had a bit of marketing sense.  So, instead of putting the article in a scrap book and showing it only to his grand kids, he had it framed and put right at his stand.

So, because he had a big article appear about him in the newspaper he became….

THE celebrity shoe shine guy.

As I went through other hotels, I saw other shoe shine guys.  None of them had articles about them on the wall.  They did the same job as the guy at my hotel.  They may have even done the job a whole lot better.  They may have had more experience.  They may have had better shoe polish and brushes.

None of that mattered.  People wanted to have their shoes shined by The Celebrity Shoe Shine guy – the guy who was featured in the newspaper.

This is a guy who puts polish on shoes and wipes it off with a rag.  That’s it.  He’s a celebrity because he understands the power of publicity.

Now let’s get back to you.  Do you STILL think you have nothing reporters would want to talk with you about?  If so, CLICK HERE.  I can help you.

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