You already know that what you say and how you say it can determine whether or not you get an interview.  When reporters call you they ask you several disguised quiz questions.  They don’t really want to know the answers to the questions.  They want to know how you answer.  That will tell them whether or not you’re really a player in the publicity game.


When you know the quiz questions they ask and the answers they want, it becomes a very simple matter to pass their “quizzes” and get yourself booked.  I go over all of this in my publicity kit.


What many people fail to realize, though, is that getting the interview is just one step along the road to your final goal, which is to add to your bank account, get new customers, etc.


Getting the interview is only the vehicle you use to reach your final goal.


Somehow this slips the minds of many people.  They say and do exactly what they should do to get the interview.  But then during the actual interview they screw up.  They wind up getting far fewer sales than they should have.


How do they screw up?


They slip back into the jargon they’re used to.  They use technical terms.  They use terms only used by people in their business or profession.  They use terms that the average person doesn’t understand.


Cops and doctors are the worst offenders.  But financial professionals, lawyers, computer experts and many, many other people do the same thing.


One way of dramatically increasing your chances of not only getting an initial interview but also getting booked over and over again is to make complicated subjects easy to understand.


Carl Sagan was a perfect example of what I’m talking about.  He was able to take astronomy and not only make it easy to understand, but also make millions of people want to know more.


That’s a skill everyone should develop.  Notice I didn’t say it’s a talent.  Talent can be hard to learn, skill doesn’t have to be.


So next time you want to say “perpetrator” say “man” or “woman”. Next time you want to say “oscultate”, say “listen”.


Make difficult subjects easy to understand and the media people will love you.  They’ll also help you build your bank account.


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