For weeks I’ve been talking about the value of you using publicity to get celebrity status.

I’ve told you that if you don’t work on getting your own celebrity status, you’ll lose out to a competitor who does.

I’ve told you about our society going from a credential society to a celebrity-obsessed society.

And now, just a few minutes ago I went onto MSN news and I saw the headline:

“Top 10 Celebrity Scientists”

Finally, the scientists have earned their place in the celebrity spotlight.

The transition from a credential society to a celebrity-obsessed is now complete. Mark this day – on December 19, 2007 we officially became a 100% celebrity-obsessed society.

If you’d like to read the article and find out who the top 10 celebrity scientists are, go to:


I’ve coaxed you, I’ve cajoled you, I’ve warned you.

The time is finally here – become a celebrity or suffer the consequences.

That’s it – I’m going to work on my celebrity status.

P.S. – I promise to tell you about the best lesson I learned from the brilliant Time magazine strategy next time.  I just had to get this story about celebrity scientists in as soon as it broke.

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