Just about every business owner lusts after a full page story about themselves and their business in the newspaper.  Or an hour on a radio or TV show, featuring them and their business.  But very few business owners accomplish this, even though it’s fairly easy.  Why?

Because of the deadly “Publicity Action Gap”.

I’ve spoken to hundreds of thousands of people all around the world about publicity.  They tell me about their great product or service.  They tell me how they have a great story for the media.  They tell me how they want to be on Oprah.  They tell me how just a little break with the media will help them make their fortune.

But all too often they DON’T tell me one thing.

They don’t tell me they took action to accomplish those dreams – those dreams that would bring them everything they want.

Every single day of your life, publicity opportunities pass right under your nose.  You may not have taken the time to learn how to recognize them.  Or you may recognize them but you don’t take action.

That’s like watching $100 bills floating past you, right within your grasp, but you don’t grab them.

If you’ve ever been on one of my publicity coaching calls you know that I usually end the call by saying:

“I’m sitting here in my home office with my dogs at my feet.  I’m looking out the windows at my beautiful natural pond and stream, my horse barn and corral, my 40,000 gallon inground pool, my guest house, my gorgeous flower gardens.

“If you think I’m bragging, you’re missing the point.  No one gave all of these things to me.  I earned them.  And I earned them by simply taking action.

“Whatever it is that you want, it’s within your grasp.  You simply have to take action.”

If you think this is just another one of those “rah-rah, you can have anything you want” motivational talks, you’re dead wrong.  It’s more than that.  A whole lot more than that.

It’s the truth.

The lack of action is the #1 reason people fail – or fail to get what they want.

I hear loads of excuses:

“I’m a very busy person”.

“You don’t know my situation.”

“As soon as I get my desk cleared I’ll take action on that.”

and on and on and on.

One of the most important and valuable things you can do to achieve success is take fast, massive action.  Don’t worry about whether the action you take is perfect.  Just move!

Obviously, don’t do anything foolish.  But once you have an idea, once you’ve done your due diligence, once you’ve determined that it has even a fair chance of succeeding – MOVE!  Get on it!  Get away from that TV, stop making the excuses, don’t fiddle with taking the trash out – MOVE!!!

When you see a publicity opportunity, jump on it!  Don’t obsess about whether it’s perfect or not.  Get that press release out!

As I just mentioned, publicity opportunities are passing you by EVERY SINGLE DAY OF YOUR LIFE – and no, that’s not an exaggeration.  It’s the 100% gospel truth.

In my next posting, I’m going to give you the precise 3 things I have done (and continue to do) that make me profoundly successful.  You already know one – I take action.   Be sure to read the next posting and get the other two.  You can easily do all three.  In fact, if you aren’t doing all three, your chances of succeeding at anything are significantly reduced.

And if you haven’t learned how to recognize the publicity opportunities that are in front of you every day – or if you haven’t learned how to act on them – CLICK HERE.

See you next time.

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  1. Peter Geisheker Says:

    Hi Paul,

    I agree with you completely. The key to success is to take action. Far too many people think about things too much and never take action. I call this analysis paralysis. People need to understand that taking action with something that is good is far better than sitting around hoping that you will someday come up with something great.

    By the way, thanks to your newsletter advice, I have had 3 reporters from national business magazines contact me for quotes in the past 3 months for stories they were doing on marketing (I own a marketing firm).

    Thanks Paul!

    Peter Geisheker
    The Geisheker Group Marketing Firm

  2. Nino Cruz Says:

    Hello Paul!
    You’re right about Action! It’s also about Timing!

    I waited almost a week after coming up with a slant after the 9/11 “don’t fly and the terrorists win” thing – remember?

    I own a sign company and wanted to do 2 things
    #1 – Support the American Way of “Not fearing terrorism.”
    #2 – Give back to the community, while getting recognition.

    Like everyone, getting swamped with the normal business workload,I let this story slip thru my fingers!

    One night on NATIONAL television I saw ANOTHER SIGN COMPANY with my idea, selling little yard signs with simular verbage.
    And at cost they were only making a $2 profit! I kicked Myself!! Free Publicity on NATIONAL TELEVISION & MAKING A PROFIT!!!

    I told my wife after I ran around the house like a crazy man- Like Paul says “I’ll Never Wait on a chance for free publicity again!”

    DON”T WAIT! Make Time or It’ll cost you Thousands!!

    A loyal student
    Nino Cruz
    D’Signs of All Kinds & Promotions

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