I was flipping through some old news today and I saw a story that made me stop dead in my tracks and read every word. The headline was:

“Clock Says Girl Born Before Older Brother”

Makes you stop and go “Huh?” doesn’t it?

How can a baby be born before her older brother.

That’s the purpose of a press release headline – to make you stop and say: “Huh?” or “What?” or “How the Heck Do They Do That?” or any of a hundred similar responses.

If the headline does it’s job, the reporter keeps reading.

If the headline doesn’t do it’s job, the press release winds up in the trash.

But most people get stuck on the headline. They don’t know what to write, how to grab the reporter’s attention. So they don’t finish the press release, they don’t get publicity and they lose a great opportunity.

In just a few days I’m going to have some very exciting news about headlines – a little tool that automatically generates over 150 dazzling headlines for you. All you have to do is type in your business, service or professional practice, click two buttons and wait a few seconds. This’ll revolutionize headline and title writing.

I’m even going to have a little video put together to show you how to do it in 10 seconds or less.

Hang in there a few more days until I put the final polish on it.

Oh, I guess you want the answer to how a girl can be born before her older brother.

Turns out she and her brother were twins and they were born on the day we set the clocks back this year. So her brother came out first at 1:54 AM. She came out at 2:29 AM, but since the clocks were set back at 2 AM the clock, and her birth certificate, read 1:29 AM. So even though she is younger, the clock showed she was born before her older brother.

Grabbed my attention – and I’m sure it grabbed yours. Great headline, fun story. A winning formula for publicity.

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  1. Yves Marie Danie Says:

    Hi Paul,

    Great example!

    Let me share how I snagged the front page news this year (oh, not the first time I accomplished this, thanks to your products!).

    St. Patrick’s Day was coming up but I knew that in order to WOW the media I had to give them something that would make their readers sit up and pay attention to MY story.

    I researched and researched for hours on end for an unusual angle that I can tie in with St. Patrick’s Day and the volunteer work that I do with homeless children in my area.

    My research led me to the month of March being the birth anniversary of Dr. Seuss who wrote “The Cat in the Hat”, among many other favorite children’s books. Hmmmm…..

    I got excited!

    But I wasn’t done. In order to make the front page news I needed one more ZING.

    I reviewed the material I bought from you, Paul, and the wheels started spinning.

    I looked up all the books that Dr. Seuss wrote and BINGO….”GREEN EGGS AND HAM!” ….St. Patrick’s Day….GREEN….


    So, the headline of my press release was:

    “What Happens When The Cat In The Hat Meets A Leprechaun?”


    Of course, I made sure to write a story that SELLS in my press release. What good is a great headline without a good story, eh?

    The editors went wild. And before a blink of an eye, I snagged the front cover of the newspaper and this went out to thousands and thousands of homes in my neck of the woods.

    Not only did I increase awareness for the plight of homeless children (an issue close to my heart), I was able to get my Not for profit client free publicity for her organization and be a media star all over again!!

    Not to mention, make some more new friends in the publishing world. It’s a good thing when you’ve got editors and journalists calling YOU for stories instead of having to cross your finger and hope your press release gets picked up.

    If anyone does not have Paul’s products to help you snag FREE publicity and teach you the secrets and insider techniques on how to do it, then you are all missing out and hurting your bottom line. I can’t tell you the number of times my press releases were printed.

    Try this: cut and paste my name: Yves Marie Danie Baptiste
    and now google it. You will see RESULTS.

    Get off your booties, ya’ll. You will SCORE like I have.



  2. Yves Marie Danie Says:

    Also, one should study the headlines of The Enquirer and keep a file.

  3. Rachel Says:

    A friend of mine was listening to your presentation at this past Super Conference. He asked what I thought about it. My response was, “Due to his guarantee, I cannot return the product” and I told him to listen to everything you said.

    The guarantee was that if I didn’t get more than $10K in publicity that I could return the product. Considering I got at least that on my way home from picking up the product from my post office box, I think it was a fair trade! 🙂

    Needless to say, my friend not only bought the product, he’s used it to get on a LARGE local radio station in Atlanta and countless newspaper interviews!

    Regardless of the pain you’ve been in recently, you’re changing lives and improving the wealth of folks across the nation. Thank you for giving of your time and wisdom. (And you can use this as a testimonial if you choose)

  4. Paul Hartunian Says:

    Thanks Yves and Rachel. I always love to hear good news!

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