In this email I want to go over the answers to a few questions I’ve recently received.

I chose these questions because they pertain to a lot of my readers and subscribers.

Question 1 – “Some time ago I purchased the list of online press release distribution services you offered for sale. Which services on that list are the best?”.

Answer – That list provides you with over 100 services that distribute press releases. Some of them are paid services, others are free.

There is no “best” service. You should first decide whether you want to pay for distribution or not. There are good reasons to do both.

Let’s say you’ve decided to use a paid service. Take a quick look at several of the services on my list. Go to their web page. Do you understand what they’re talking about? If so, continue to look at what they offer. If you don’t understand their home page, that’s not a service for you.

But let’s say you do understand the home page.

How many sources will they send your release to? Will these sources benefit you? (For example, if you sell boats, but the service you’re looking at only distributes to computer related sources, they won’t be of any value to you.)

Are they charging a price that’s you find reasonable? And so on.

If everything looks good, give them a try.

Distribution services change by the day. So a lot of it right now is trial and error.

Question 2 – Why should I buy your full publicity kit when I can just subscribe to your monthly paper and ink newsletter or your member site? Or,for that matter, only subscribe to these free emails you send.

Answer – Good question. My full publicity kit gives you everything you’ll need to know to write press releases, distribute them, do interviews, get publicity and use it, etc.

The monthly newsletter updates and supports the full kit. It would take a long, long time to learn my whole system just by subscribing to the newsletter.

But, when you subscribe to the paid newsletter, you get to participate in the monthly coaching calls where I’m on the call live answering your questions.

Then, if you’re also join the member site, you’ll have access to several years of recordings of the coaching calls along with a huge amount of other information that will help you build your business.

Question 3 – My hard drive crashed and I didn’t back up the files. I bought a digital product from you in the past. Please resend the file.

Answer – No. Not backing up your hard drive on a regular basis is irresponsible.

For a while we did resend digital product files. But then things got out of hand. I also realized that by resending the files I was encouraging the irresponsible behavior of not backing up your hard drive.

Plus, it was taking an enormous amount of our time to search the original order, confirm it, find the product and resend it.

If you had a watch and lost it, you could not go to the store and ask for a replacement. The same holds true for digital products. Once you purchase them it’s your responsibility to care for them and not lose them.

Be a responsible business owner. Back up your hard drive on a regular basis. Your hard drive IS your business. If you lose your hard drive you can lose everything you have in your business. All your records, all your customer files, all your products, etc.

External drives are incredibly cheap. I just bought a 1 terabite drive for $60. I have a Mac so, the Time Machine software that came with the computer automatically backs up my entire hard drive to that external hard drive once an hour.

That’s right – once an hour! I have two external hard drives. One is always kept attached to my computer for the hourly backups. The other is kept in a fireproof vault.

Once a week I switch drives so if my computer ever crashed, at the most I’ll lose one hour’s worth of work.

So, we no longer send replacement files.

More questions and answers in a future post.

Send any comments, questions, furious flames, etc. to me and I’ll get to them ASAP in this blog. (Actually, I’ll just delete the furious flames but I’ll answer the rest).

See you next time.


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