Last night I had another one of my coaching calls for my publicity members.  One person on the call asked why their press release didn’t get any response.  I knew the answer immediately.
It was one of the worst press releases I had ever seen.

As soon as I saw the release, I got a very unsettled feeling.  If this person followed my system, how could this press release be so bad?

I checked my customer database and found that this person only subscribes to my hard copy newsletter, but does not have my publicity kit.

Whew.  Now I understood completely.

I do have a few people who get my newsletter but don’t have my kit.  So, I’m going to use them as an example.

I don’t know why these people haven’t purchased the full system I offer, but you can bet I’m going to find out.  Perhaps it’s the cost.  If that’s the reason, they’re dealing with a very false sense of economy.

Sure, they save some money up front by only getting the newsletter instead of the whole kit.  I suppose they think they’ll learn my entire system by reading the newsletter.   I can tell you now, that will never happen.

That’s like going to an Italian restaurant once a month, listening to the waiters speak Italian, thinking you’re going to learn the language that way.

What they don’t understand is that the money they think they saved was immediately wasted by missing out on publicity opportunities.

Let’s use the person I mentioned at the beginning of this post as an example.  That person missed an opportunity to get publicity because the press release they sent out was terrible.  If this person invested in my kit, then took the small amount of time to learn my system, that same press release probably would have been exactly what reporters are looking for and could have resulted in publicity worth FAR more than the cost of my kit.

And that would have been just one publicity opportunity.  This person would know my system and how to put it into action.  Then, for years and years to come, they could have used that same formula over and over again.

Every year I spend tens of thousands of dollars on other peoples products, coaching programs, etc.  By paying them, I can learn the same information in hours or days that took them years to develop.  I can’t think of too many investments better than that!

Plus, all of these information products come with a money back guarantee.  How can I possibly lose?

I buy tons of information products.  More importantly, I open the box and put the information to use right away.  (Remember what I posted a few days ago about taking action?)  As I recall, in all the years I’ve been investing in other people’s information, I’ve only returned one product that I thought was truly inferior.

I’m astonished at how much money people will blow in Las Vegas.  Or will spend on a flat screen TV or any number of other toys.  But when it comes to investing money in their own education, they freeze.

By doing that, they remain ignorant.  Ignorance is not an accident, it’s a plan.  When people balk at learning what they need to know, that’s a plan for failure – or at least stagnation.

So, next time someone beams a smile at you and says: “Ignorance is bliss” I want you to hear a cash register ring in your brain.  It’s that very thinking that’s costing millions of people the wonderful lives they wished they had.

There’s one thing I’m not ignorant about – the need for these dogs at my feet to go out and drain the tank.

I’ll see you in a couple of days.

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