Last week I saw one of the greatest publicity jackpots I’ve ever seen.


Seems two guys own an auto junkyard.  Nothing special about the junkyard.  Just a plain auto junkyard with lots of old cars and other assorted junk.


They came up with a very simple idea.  They called it the Power Tool Drag Races.  To take part in the races, people had to build a contraption powered by any kind of power tool.  That’s it.  That’s the whole idea.


They built two very simple wooden runways, each 75 feet long.  It probably took them an hour or two to build them.


Then they let the world know that the Power Tool Drag Races were on.


People from around the world entered the races.  The Discovery Channel did a special on the races.  The junkyard and its owners got worldwide publicity.


People showed up with contraptions powered by vacuum cleaners, drills, routers, electric egg beaters.


And this made worldwide news.


Now come on.  Do you still think you don’t have anything that’s newsworthy enough to get publicity?


Do you think a race between an electric egg beater and a vacuum cleaner is more interesting, important and valuable than what you have to offer?


Then why the heck aren’t you getting publicity?


What’s that you say?  You haven’t tried yet?  You just don’t have time to try to get publicity?  Maybe you still don’t think it works?


In another article I told you about Dave Panther getting his restaurant featured on “The West Wing”.


I’ve told you about Jay Kamhi being featured in major magazines, TV shows, radio shows promoting his products.


I’ve told you about some of my other members being featured in The Wall Street Journal, on Paul Harvey News, in Money Magazine and a huge long list of other publicity successes.


There’s nothing special about these people or their products.  They simply followed what I taught them and basked in the glory of their successes.


Whew!  Sometimes it’s hard helping people become successful.


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