The most important part of any press release is the headline. The headline has one job – and one job only… to grab the attention of the reader and force them to keep reading your press release.

Lots of people think that writing powerful headlines is a gift that only a very few people have.


Anyone can write a great headline. The “secret” to a great headline is simply following templates.

There are two types of templates.

The first shows you a principle you should use as a model for your headlines.

The second is a fill-in-the-blank headline that you can convert to your own headline within seconds.

In the next several emails, I’m going to give you examples of both. I did this a year or two ago and it was very popular, so it’s time to visit the subject again.

In this email I’m going to give you a great example of the first type of headline – the kind that serves as a model for you to follow and create your own headlines.

Last week on Yahoo News I saw the following headline:

“Outfits too skimpy for pro cheerleaders?”

Now what healthy (or even unhealthy) male would not read that headline…and continue to read?

Plenty of women would read it too.

So the headline has done it’s job.

But it gets better.

When you clicked on that headline, the article opened up and the first thing you saw was a powerful subheadline that read:

“The Dallas Mavericks dance squad could raise
some eyebrows with its new look this season”

Makes you want to continue to read, doesn’t it?

Great headline and great subhead.

So, what’s the principle?

Write a headline that makes people stop and say: “Huh?”, “Wow”, “I’ve got to know more about this”, “How can that be?” or something similar.

If you have my full publicity kit, look through the Master Manual and the back issues of my newsletter. You’ll see dozens of examples of this type of headline. Feel free to use them as models for your press releases.

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Plus it comes with a full satisfaction guarantee, all you can do it win.

If you don’t want to try writing your own headlines, use my software to generate headlines for you. Go to:

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Next time I’ll show you samples of fill-in-the-blank headlines.

See you then.


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