In the last two parts of this series I described how you can use testimonials to get publicity for your business.


Let’s move on to the third way you can – and should – use testimonials in your publicity campaigns.


Reporters want to know two things about you and your products – what do your customers think about you, your products and services…and what do other reporters think about you.


Reporters find out what your customers think about you, your products and services from the customer testimonials you provide to them.  They’ll read what your customers say about the quality of your products, the quality of the service you gave them, whether or not you lived up to your promises, etc.


But they also want to know how good an interview you’ll do.  They’ll get that from the media testimonials you provide.


What are media testimonials?


These are the testimonials you get from other reporters, talk show hosts, producers, etc.  They won’t talk about your products or services.  Rather, they’ll talk about how good a guest you were and how good an interview you did.

So, a customer testimonial may say: “Kevin’s product performed exactly as promised.  It saved me far more money than I ever expected.  As of today, I’ve saved $1,638 and the savings are still piling up”.


But a media testimonial may say: “Kevin was one of the best guests I’ve had on my show.  He was a lot of fun and he knew his stuff inside and out.  My phone lines were lit up from the beginning of the show to the end.  I’d have Kevin back on my show again ANYTIME!”.


See the difference?  Do you see what a powerful case you’re making for other reporters to interview you?  What reporter wouldn’t want to do an interview with you after reading that?  Media interviews remove any concerns other reporters have about your ability to do a good interview.


What if you don’t have any media testimonials because you haven’t done any interviews yet?  Don’t worry.  Start doing interviews.  After each one, ask the reporter if you can get a few words from him about what kind of an interview you did.  They’ll be happy to do it.  Now you have your first media testimonials.


As you get stronger and stronger media testimonials, drop the softer ones.  You only need 3 or 4 strong customer and media testimonials to make yourself look like a great interview.


Testimonials are invaluable in every part of your business.  Now you see why they’re so valuable in your publicity campaigns as well.


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