In the first part of this series I described one way to use testimonials to get publicity.


Here’s  the second way…


The testimonials your clients send you (or that you ask them to send you) can actually become complete stories on their own.  Here’s an example.


Let’s say you sell a product that helps runners run faster or longer.  You get a testimonial from one of your runner customers that says: “Thanks to your product I won the New York Marathon”.


Not only is that a great testimonial you can use in your marketing materials, you can also create a press release specifically talking about how your product helped the winner of the New York Marathon.  Remember, you’re not going to make this press release a sales pitch for your product.  You’re simply going to explain how the product works, how it benefits runners, how it helped the winner of the New York marathon, etc.


Are you a house painter?  Do you have a testimonial from a customer who tells you that he sold his house for $12,000 more than he expected because of the great paint job?  If so, you have a new press release that talks about how expert painting can increase the selling price of a house.


What product or service do you sell?  What kind of testimonials do you have – or can you get?  Can you turn these testimonials into separate stories that promote your business?


Be sure you get a signed release allowing you to use the testimonial in your marketing efforts.  They are routine.  I’ve never had a problem getting people to sign them.


Don’t let good publicity opportunities slip through your fingers.  Get the most mileage out of every testimonial you get.


In the next part of this series I’ll explain the third way to use testimonials to get publicity for your business.


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