Do you know that you can we use testimonials you’ve gotten from customers and clients to get publicity?

Here’s how…

There are three ways you can use testimonials to get publicity or improve the publicity you’re already getting.  I’ll talk about one of the ways in each of the next three parts of this series.

The first way to get and use testimonials in your publicity campaigns is to credentialize yourself.  When you send out your press releases, the media people usually have no idea who you are.  They see that you’re telling them that you know some information that they – the reporters – will be interested in.  But how do they know you’re for real?

That’s where your testimonials come in.

Let’s say that you’re a college funding professional.  You should have testimonials that talk about the success you’ve had in finding money for children’s education.  So, a testimonial from a parent that read :

“Jeff was able to find $23,586 for my son to attend UCLA. We never dreamed we’d ever be able to qualify for that amount of money.  Jeff is a miracle-worker!”

would be exactly what reporters want to see.  That testimonial shows that you can do what you claim.  This is called a “performance testimonial”.

On the other hand, if the only testimonials you have say things like:

“Jeff is very friendly”

“Jeff has a very pleasant office”

“Jeff’s office was very easy to find”

you really have no testimonials.  They say absolutely nothing about whether or not you can do what you claim.

The more “performance testimonials” you can get, the better you look in the eyes of the reporters and the more publicity you’ll get.

How do you get these powerful testimonials?  That’s the easy part – just ask your customers or clients.

Using testimonials in your publicity campaigns is an invaluable way of boosting the amount of publicity – and business – you get.

Next time I’ll tell you the second way to use testimonials in your publicity campaigns.  This one will probably surprise you!


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