From 1966 to 1998, I was one of the world’s leading dealers of rare documents and autographs.

One of the major ways I marketed my business was through publicity.

During the media interviews I would *never* sell anything. I would simply give out free information.

If I didn’t sell anything during the interview, how did I turn those interviews into dollars in the bank?

Great question! Let me go over it step by step.

I would get myself booked on radio call-in shows using the exact same principles I talk about in my publicity course. I usually did an hour show. I would take calls from listeners who had autographs and wanted to know the value. I did have a book on the topic, but I didn’t push it.

What I did push is the idea that I *BOUGHT* autographs. I was a dealer or broker.

So, someone may have called and asked the value of a Thomas Jefferson letter they had. I told them. (The value, by the way, is in the thousands).

Of course, they wanted to know how to get that money. I told them I bought autographs and I gave them my phone number, *ON THE AIR*. The host of the show was happy to give out my number.

Now, not only did the person with the Jefferson letter get my number, *EVERYONE ELSE LISTENING GOT IT TOO!* If they had autographs they wanted to sell and either couldn’t get on the air or didn’t want to go on the air, they would call me after the show. I bought the autographs for a very fair price and then resold them to my clients.

The most important point in this scenario, though, has to do with my famous ‘halo effect’ principle. When people listening to my interviews had autographs to sell, who were they most likely to sell them to? ME!!! Why? Because they saw me as an established, qualified, expert…otherwise how else did I get on that radio show? A perfect example of the halo effect in action.

You don’t have to plug a product or service directly on the radio. I never do. If you’re answering questions from listeners on your topic, they’ll be more inclined to come to you if they have a need for what you have. Again, the halo effect in action.

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