A while back one of my publicity students named Sam scored an interview on one of the biggest national radio shows in the US. (In fact, he was the second of my students to get interviewed on this show within a few weeks. That’s a major hit!)

Right after this major radio interview he was interviewed by CBS News!

Shortly after the interviews Sam emailed me. Here, in part, is what he had to say about the CBS interview:

“So, I’m getting interviewed today.  I thought I had awesome questions but he started asking some others.  I recovered quickly and before I knew it I have a spot on the 10PM news tomorrow and another spot on a totally different topic for next week’s news.  

In addition to that, I discreetly led him to another 5-8 topics that I’m sure he’ll do a story on in the future. 

He was in a rush and said so.  After the interview, though, he stayed another 1 hour to talk about all these other stories and took notes feverishly.  I think I actually impressed him even though my interview was what I would call only OK!!??  I do wish I had practiced on smaller TV stations and cable first but what was I going to do – say no?? …

I’ll let you know how much I put in the bank.


What’s the moral of this story?  “Out of what appears to be one interview, you can get many, many more.”

How did Sam get so many interview opportunities?  He knew exactly what the reporter wanted and he provided it.

Remember how many times I’ve told you that the media is very willing to make you as rich and famous as you’d like to be as long as you give them what they want?  Well, what they want is a great story…or lots of great stories.

What did Sam actually do for the reporter?  He did his job for him.  Sam saved that reporter an enormous amount of time by simply mentioning other topics he could talk about.

I’m sure Sam wasn’t pushy.  He simply said something like: “In addition to this topic, I can provide you with some great information on a few other topics too.  Would you be interested in hearing about them?”

What reporter in his right mind would say “no”?  He just got a terrific interview from Sam.  He saw what Sam could do.  Now Sam is offering him more of the same.  The reporter knows he’s hit a jackpot.

When you go out to dinner, why do you often go to your favorite restaurant?  Because you like it!  You know the food is good, the service is excellent, the prices are reasonable…whatever.  But the key is that you go back to the same restaurant over and over again because you know you get quality.

Reporters do the same thing.  They want quality stories and quality interviews.  If you can provide them with what they want, they’ll be back over and over again.

Now I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Do you think Sam is highly experienced with publicity?  After all he scored huge!  A spot on a MAJOR radio talk show.  Another spot on CBS news.  And possibly another 5-8 spots on CBS.

The truth is that Sam only got my publicity kit a few weeks before these interviews.  As far as I know, he had no experience with publicity or press releases before getting my kit.

So, for those of you who’ve been asking how long it takes to learn the right way to get publicity and get results, let Sam be a role model for you.  It can happen pretty darn fast!

Also notice that Sam said he wished he had practiced interviewing on smaller stations before the CBS interview.

I always recommend you get just a few smaller stations under your belt before you go for the big time – just to feel what the whole process is like.  But the “Big Time” came to Sam first…and he was ready.  He learned what to do and was ready for the opportunity when it came.

As Sam said, what was he going to do when CBS knocked on his door… say “no”?

Be prepared for any publicity opportunities that come your way.  You never know who’s going to give you the opportunity of a lifetime.  If you’re not prepared, that opportunity will go to the next person who is prepared.

Once again, great job Sam, you publicity Superstar!

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I’ll be back again soon with more tips you can use to get publicity for your business.


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