One of the most important lessons I teach in my publicity kit is how to get multiple publicity opportunities from what appears to be just one story.  The New York State Fair is a terrific, and easy to understand, example of this.


The Fair could appear to be just one story.  It runs for 12 days and there are lots of events going on.  That’s it.


But there are actually hundreds of stories within that one story about the Fair.


There can be stories about each of the events, stories about how The Fair is set up each year, stories about the various contest winners each day, stories about the vendors, stories about how they take down The Fair at the end, stories about records broken at The Fair and on and on and on.


The people doing publicity for The Fair know this very well and use it to their advantage.  Dozens and dozens of press releases are sent out before, during and after The Fair, each one talking about a different aspect.  As a result, the newspapers, magazines, radio and TV shows are full of Fair stories for at least a month before and after The Fair.


How about your story?  Do you think you have just one story?  Do you think you can only get one press release out of your story?


I don’t.  Regardless of what your story is about, I’ll bet you can get several press releases out on various aspects of your product, service or business.


Even if your church is having a simple bake sale, there are lots of stories within that one story.  Each one deserves a press release and a shot at getting press coverage.


So before you send out one press release, thinking you’ve covered your topic, think about the New York State Fair and how that one big story breaks down into hundreds of smaller stories, each one with a new chance at getting press coverage.


And as you know, the more press releases you can get out, the more chances you have at getting press coverage.  And the more press coverage you get, the more chances you have of getting money flowing into your bank account.


Isn’t that a main purpose of publicity?


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