I want to pass along a completely ridiculous publicity success story that my friend Bob Serling told me about.


Seems there’s a guy who’s life ambition is to play the part of a dead body in a movie and see his name in the credits. Now, he and his story have been on every major network plus dozens of local TV news reports.


When he was being interviewed on CNN the producer of a major motion picture starring Danny Aiello called in live and offered him a part – in a movie called “Stiffs” no less.


His website is www.DeadBodyGuy.com


Did you carefully read what I just wrote?  This guy wants to be a freakin’ dead body in a movie and he gets massive publicity!!!


Do you think you have something a little more appealing to the average person and to the media?  I do.


So why aren’t you getting publicity?


If necessary, I’ll shame you into becoming successful.  Don’t just be a dreamer – be a doer.


To tell you the truth, I hate dreamers.  They waste my time and everyone else’s time yammering on about what they plan to do – but never seem to get around to doing.


I love doers – the people who dream big and then take action.  They’re the people who make the world go around.


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