You have a good story idea.  You want to get publicity.  But the deadline is only hours or days away.  Or maybe the event you want to get publicity about has already passed.  Seems impossible.  It’s not.  Here’s how to do it….

For the 16th straight year I’m spending 12 days at the New York State Fair.  These are always 12 of the happiest, most carefree days of the year for me.

Every morning I get to The Fair when it opens – between 7 and 8 AM.  I get breakfast and read the newspaper.

This morning I was reading the paper and saw an article on how to get money for college.

Money for college?  College starts in two days?  How is this possible?  Even better, how was it possible for this person to get publicity for this story so late?

It’s all in the way you slant your story.

If this person simply wanted to talk about how to find money for college, this story never would have run.  It’s too late.  The time to start looking for money for college was many, many months ago.

But the person who got this jackpot of publicity used a headline that can be tweaked for just about any business.  Here’s the headline::

 “Seven Tips To Finding Last-Minute Sources For Money For College”

The whole angle here is “last minute”.

Want to see how to make a few simple adjustments and make this a powerful headline for many types of businesses? 

How about:

“Seven Tips To Finding Last-Minute Christmas Presents”.

Or maybe:

“Seven Tips To Finding Last-Minute Travel Bargains”?

Get the idea?

So even when it seems too late to get publicity, even when it seems impossible, it can still be done.

Tomorrow I’ll have another publicity lesson from the New York State Fair.  This one will be about beer and pretty young girls.

Hmm, that one got your attention!

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