One of my great frustrations is that only a tiny percentage of business owners – as well as non-business owners for that matter – clearly understand how important publicity is, not only to their businesses, but also to their lives.

Sure, it’s fun to be on radio and TV, in newspapers and magazines.

Yep, it brings in new customers you probably never would have had.

And you can’t beat the cost of getting publicity – essentially free.

But the real power of publicity is it’s ability to instantly turn you into a celebrity.

You don’t have to do anything special to obtain that celebrity status. It’s automatic.

The general public sees anyone who’s on TV or radio as a celebrity. The same goes for articles that appear in newspapers and magazines.

Once again, it may not make sense that the public sees you as a celebrity when you appear in the media, but it is what it is. Take full advantage of it.

If you’re a typical grocer with a small, local shop, but you’re on TV every Friday for 2 minutes talking about how to make great winter salads, or which produce is the best value that week, etc. you’re no longer a typical grocer. You’re a celebrity grocer.

If you’re a typical real estate agent, but you’re interviewed on radio about the current downturn in the real estate market and what to do about it, you’re no longer a typical real estate agent. You’re a celebrity real estate agent.

Don’t believe me?

Well, what if you saw your grocer on TV one day. What would you say to him when you saw him next? I’ll guarantee you’ll say: “Hey, I saw you on TV last night. I didn’t know my grocer is a celebrity!”

I don’t care what business, service or professional practice you’re in. If you learn how to get and use publicity correctly, you’ll immediately rise above your competition and become the celebrity in your field.

The key to the success of this is consistency. You can’t expect to send out one press release and hit it big. This is no genie in a bottle.

But if you learn how to get and use publicity and you do it on a consistent basis, your chances of success rise phenomenally.

There’s a book you’ve got to read. It’s on my bookshelf. I’ve gone through it over and over. It’s all about how critical it is to you to learn and use publicity. I see dozens of copies of the book on alibris, and Amazon for as little as $1.99.

I’ll tell you all about that book next time. (Nice cliffhanger, eh?)

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  1. Raynay Valles Says:


    What a cliffhanger! I’m tempted to go to alibris and take a guess! But I’ll wait…
    You make the point – celebrity is powerful. I’ve sent press releases using your techniques and the resulting coverage set my client apart in an increasingly competitive market.


  2. CCannon Says:


    I really like how you use the techniques you teach, even when your giving information to your students. I just started using your strategies on press releases for my new book (Diagnosing the Destruction of Young Men)and it’s been amazing to say the lease. I’ve even used these tactics to drive more traffic to my site ( and the way it’s working, I plan to purchase the entire publicity package. Thanks for sharing tools that’s helped me reach the celebrity status I’ve always dreamed of.


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