One of my subscribers asked:

‘I feel the pressure to create new press releases for the same topic on a regular basis, which I have been doing.’However, I get the impression by some of what I read that I should have an inventory of just 2-3 press releases for the same topic that I tweak and send one every other week or so on a rotating basis. Please advise. Do I create new releases on a constant basis or use 2-3 versions that I constantly improve?

Excellent question.

There’s no need to write a new press release every week. It’s actually best to have just a few releases – maybe 3 or 4, that you use each week on a rotating basis. Each time you send out a release, make a small change or two – maybe the headline or the quote – but that’s it.

Writing entirely new press releases for the same topic each week sure can put pressure on. There’s no need to do it.

When you use the same few releases each week on a rotating basis, getting a press release out to the media each week becomes a breeze.

Next time I’ll talk about how not to annoy reporters (are you making the mistake that’s ticking them off?)

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