There’s one question I want you to ask yourself.  One question I want you to keep asking yourself for the rest of your life.  That question is:


“How long do you keep doing something that isn’t working?”


I’ve been involved in the medical field all my life.  I’ve been a Paramedic, taught at the University level, written books and articles on the subject.  I’m always stunned at how many people continue a treatment when they’re not getting better at all or are getting worse.


I see people who are on a treatment who don’t look well.  They tell me they continue to get worse.  I ask them why they aren’t questioning their physician about the treatment or why they aren’t getting another opinion.


They just continue the treatment, sometimes to their grave.


How many times have you tried to get publicity without success?  Are you still trying to get publicity the same way?


Why?  It’s not working.  There’s something wrong.  Either find out what’s wrong or try something else.


A while back I let people send me questions about the speaking business by email.  Once again, I was stunned and saddened by the stories people told me about how they’ve been trying over and over again to get into the business without success.  But they aren’t trying something different.  They’re doing the same thing hoping for success.


How long are you going to keep doing something that isn’t working?  Whether it has to do with your health, your business, your family, your investments, your future or whatever.


Do you recall when Enron’s stock was at $90?  Then it dropped to 80, then 70, then 60, 50, 40 30.  People still stayed with the stock.


Then it went to 20, 10, 5, 3, one freakin’ dollar a share!  They stayed with the stock.


Then it dropped to 90 cents, to 80 cents.


They still stayed with the stock.  Then they whined about how they lost their money.


I don’t get it.


When something isn’t working, it’s time to try something else.


Obviously publicity works.  People get loads of it every day.  If it’s not working for you, figure out what’s going wrong.  Either correct it or move on to something else.


Lots of people moan about how they aren’t successful or how they aren’t where they want to be in life.  Then when you examine what they’re doing, you see the same thing over and over.  You see someone who’s afraid to try something else.


So they keep doing the same failing thing over and over, right into their graves.


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