A subscriber recently asked me how I “made it”. How I went from being just another person who knew something about publicity and turned yourself into an expert and known in the field as a respected author, teacher, speaker, etc..

Here’s my answer:

I can answer that in one sentence:

I was willing to do what 99% of the other people were not – and still are not.

Now the details.

It took me many years to develop and test my new publicity system. But when I finished and knew it would work, I went at it with a vengeance. I kept sending out press releases on all the subjects I knew. I did any interview that came my way. There were days I would do 15 or 20 interviews back to back.

I knew that if I stopped fanning the flames, the fire would go out.

Then, I started getting speaking engagements. Lots of them. People wanted me to speak about my new publicity system.

At that time, my girlfriend and I made an agreement that I would focus two years totally on my publicity system, getting out press releases, doing interviews, etc.

I was often away from home speaking or being interviewed all around the world.

Hundreds of speaking engagements and thousands of media interviews.

Before the end of that two years, I reached what is commonly called the tipping point. People also call it “having made it”, “hitting the big time”, etc. And that’s the way it’s been ever since.

But I don’t want you to think for one second that I have some God-given talent that you don’t have. That’s not true. That’s just a barrier people make up to justify why they haven’t made it.

What I do have is laser-focus and persistence. Everyone can have that, but most don’t want to put the effort into cultivating it.

One of my favorite quotes is from Dolly Parton: “If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”

It’s the rare person who’s willing to put up with the rain, but everyone wants the rainbow.

And Thomas Edison said: “Opportunity is missed by most people because it’s dressed in overalls and it looks like work.”

I’m proud to say that I now have it made – and have had it made for many years. I live in a beautiful home on 25 acres with a big natural pond and stream, horse barn, corrals, private guest house, beautiful gardens. And I give away more than I used to earn in my pre-“made it” days.

But I’m also very quick to say that I worked darn hard for what I have.

Some closing advice – pick one thing. It may be some talent or skill you have, it may be something online. It doesn’t matter. Then focus all of your attention on it. Stop bouncing around from idea to idea, project to project.

Set an amount of time you’re going to spend on it. If during that time you see results, keep fanning the fire. If you don’t see results, drop it and move on to something else.

My Brooklyn Bridge adventure wasn’t my first idea. Truth is, it probably was my 1,384th idea. Most of the previous ideas failed.

But all those previous failures were just practice shots for the grand slam homerun I KNEW I was going to hit.

If you any other information or clarification, just ask.

And I make the same offer to you that I made to him. If there’s other information you need or clarification of what I just wrote, ask me. I’ll be happy to help you. Post your questions right here and I’ll get to them ASAP.

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  1. Andy Moose Says:


    Just wanted to say thanks for all the great info.

    And for the regular kick-in-the-ass that you give us once in a while via the blog or the newsletter.

    speaking of newsletter, the series you’ve been on lately, Excellent stuff, Thanks.


  2. Richard Says:

    Your so right Paul, Focus and work ot action. I am on 625th try and still trying. Thank you for your true advise.

  3. TimCastleman Says:

    Paul –

    Just wanted to say using this post and your 3 keys to success I wrote a 10 page special report today and posted it as a WSO. All in a single day because I had the following:

    1. Take massive action
    2. Laser focus

    I didn’t outsource it because I knew the subject so well.


  4. TimCastleman Says:

    Ok Paul I have to eat my words.

    3. I outsourced the delivery of the WSO, hopefully people will buy it.

  5. Rod Davis Says:

    I think this is the best post I’ve read all year on your blog. I don’t think aspiring entreprenuers understand how hard those who have “made it” have worked.

    15 to 20 interviews a day? Thats crazy! I think you have just redefined what “trying hard” really is for your readers.

    We see people breaking the boulder with sledge hammer every day, but few realize how long a person has been hitting at that boulder.

  6. Melanie Kissell Says:

    Write On, Paul!

    No, I didn’t just make a spelling error. I meant “Write On!”.

    I love both the quotes you have included in this post. Who would have thought that Dolly Parton, a country singer, would have something so profound to say.

    Your writing style has a beautiful flow.

    Looking ahead to many visits here,


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