My friend Rory Fatt in Vancouver, Canada sent me a great example of one of his clients seeing a publicity opportunity and running with it.


A while back the Governor of Illinois, George Ryan, was hit in the face with a cream pie by a woman who was protesting one of Ryan’s policies.  The story made national news.


One of Rory’s clients, Lorenzo Cristaudo, owned a restaurant in Carbondale, IL which is the town in which Governor Ryan was hit with the pie.


Cristaudo saw the opportunity for some great publicity.  The day after the Ryan incident Cristaudo’s bakery had a case full of “Ryan Pies” on display.  Not only were they hot sellers, they also generated a landslide of publicity.


Cristaudo received calls from 38 different media sources, one as far  away as Florida.  A St. Louis media source even sent 2 reporters in by helicopter to do interviews and film the display case. The woman who threw the pie was in his shop at the time.


The local newspaper ran a front 1/2 page photo of him holding  Ryan pies in front of his bakery. Needless to say he doubled the price of his pies and still sold hundreds of them.


I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it – there are endless publicity opportunities all around you, every day of the week, every week of the year.  You simply have to know how to recognize them and how to take action to grab the publicity that’s waiting for you.


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