Just as I finished the last post, I saw a sizzlingly hot, major news story. It’s a story that could have a huge impact on your life. This story is so important, it’s at the very top of Yahoo News. It’s the featured story at the very, very top of the page.

Here’s the news:

Katherine McPhee, the American Idol runner-up, 23 years old, is engaged.

Yes, it’s true. Katherine is engaged.

That’s the news story that bumped every other news story off the top of Yahoo’s news page.

I’ve never heard of Katherine McPhee. But I may just be out of touch.

I do notice, though, that she didn’t win American Idol. She was just a runner-up.

She didn’t even get married. She just got engaged.

Here’s another one of those entertainer stories that drives me crazy. Entertainers get engaged as often as I take a breath. And this story tops all the other news taking place in the world!

Do you see the incredible power of celebrity? Do you also see how starved media people are for good stories?

OK, enough of this rant. Next time I promise I’ll tell you how you can easily attain celebrity status.

I’m going to take my dogs for a long walk. Who knows, by the time I get back, McPhee may have broken her engagement and gotten engaged to another entertainer. I’ll check the top of Yahoo news for that one.

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  1. Steven Says:

    Hey Paul,

    I suppose you’re wondering if anyone’s reading this blog thing of yours.

    Guess what. They are!

    Just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know that your efforts are appreciated. And I’m enjoying this “celebrity” train of thought that you’re on at the moment.


  2. dp Says:

    I was sent here by a friend. Do you have a book? If so, my friend read it or something. But anyway, I couldn’t agree more with your points. Normally, if I people selling advice and I just wander elsewhere. Nothing you’ve said is a revelation, but it was interesting to see someone else who can spot the stupidity of our culture. Fun read.

  3. Richelle Says:

    Hey Paul:
    This is really funny. The best part of this story, Katherine has been dating this guy since she was on American Idol…the big part of this is that he is significantly much older than her and the world is waiting for her to wake up and realize that 20 goes into 40 but 40does not go into 20


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