Got an email from one of my publicity members.  The subject of his email was:


“My press release isn’t working.”


I read his email, looked at his press release and immediately saw the problem.


There was nothing wrong with the press release.  It followed my system ( perfectly.


The topic was good.  The headline was good.  The format was exactly as I teach it.


The problem was – entitlement.


My member told me he sent the release to a fairly small number of reporters in his area.


I face this problem over and over with people working on getting publicity.  I address the problem in my hardcopy newsletter (




People feel that if they send out a press release they should always get responses from reporters.


It ain’t necessarily so.  I’ve said it before.  I’ll say it again now.


Put yourself in the reporter’s position.


He gets your press release.  It’s well-written.  It’s a good story.  It doesn’t violate any of the rules so many people slip up on.




The reporter doesn’t have a need for your story right now.


In addition to that, he’s never heard from you before.  This is the first time you’ve sent him a press release.


Who the heck are you?  Why should he give you a bunch of space in his newspaper or time on his radio or TV show?


Unless you’ve got an urgent story – one that will be dead tomorrow if it isn’t reported today – there’s no need for the reporter to jump on the story immediately.


Very few people have urgent stories.  My guess is that you don’t either.  If it’s covered by the reporter next week or next month, the information would still be good.


So even though you wrote an excellent press release, the reporter won’t call you.  Instead he’ll wait to see what you do next.


What do you think most people do next?


They do nothing.  No more press releases, no more contact, no follow up.


But if you follow my publicity system (, you’ll know that the reporter is waiting to see what you do next.  So you fax him another press release with a slightly different slant.


The reporter sees a second, well-written press release coming from you.  He’s impressed.


But he still doesn’t call you.


So you fax him another press release with another slightly different slant.  And then another and another.


Now the reporter is darned impressed.  He’s convinced that you’ve taken the time to learn how to play the publicity game.


At this point, the odds are very good that if he still doesn’t need your story, he’ll create a need for it.  You’ve proven yourself.  You’ve risen far above the vast majority of people contacting this reporter trying to get free publicity.


Entitlement is when people send out a press release and they feel they deserve interviews simply because they sent out the release.


People who are most successful getting publicity have taken the time to learn how to play the publicity game.  They play it well and get the rewards they deserve – as well as the respect of the reporters they’ve contacted.


You can get full information about my complete publicity kit, which has helped thousands of people skyrocket their business, promote their products and literally alter their lives, at


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