In the last two issues I gave you two of the three reasons I’m

absolutely certain you will soon have no choice but to use

publicity if you want to survive in business.  I know, they were

pretty sobering.  But you know they’re true.


Let’s take a look at the third and final reason you’re going to

have no choice but to use publicity in order to stay in business.


As you go through your day, are you surrounded more by solid news

and information or by promotions for various products and



That’s an easy one, right?  You know you’re surrounded by

hundreds of times more promotions than by solid news and



Think about your average day.  How much solid information have

you absorbed by the time you get to work?  Hardly any.


Instead you’ve been barraged by commercials, billboards, signs on

taxis, newspaper ads and on and on.


How much of that did you absorb?


Virtually none of it.  Why?  Because there was so much of it and

none of it stood out in your mind.


None of those advertisers took the correct steps to make an

impression on you.


Oh sure, some of them may have sunk into your brain because you

saw the ad over 1,200 times in the last week or so.


That cost that advertiser millions of dollars.  Bet you don’t

have millions of dollars to spend on your business.


Guys, have you seen the new thing in the men’s room?  Rotating

digital commercials on a small screen in front of you as you take

a whiz.  Ladies, I have no idea what goes on in your private

sanctuary.  Haven’t spent any time there.


Pretty pitiful, eh?


So, being intelligent, your brain shuts it off.  Oh, you can’t

avoid the chatter, the pictures, etc.  But the message doesn’t

sink in.


But then you listen to a talk show and the person being

interviewed on the show tells you there are six words you can put

on your tax return that will eliminate the chance of an audit.


Boing!  Your brain jumps to life, opens up the listening channels

and let’s the message in.


Later that day, you skim the newspaper – or maybe I should call

it the adpaper since there is so little news.  You come across a

headline that reads:


“Mothers Harming Their Children With Their School Lunches”.


You have no choice but to read that article.


These two people, and many others like them, got their message

across because they knew how to use publicity.


They knew that they would be in an enormous battle for your

attention if they ran typical ads.  They didn’t have the money

for the ads and they didn’t want to risk the battle for your



So they turned to publicity and hit a home run.


The challenges business have to get the attention of their

markets, to attract customers and to make sales is increasing



And publicity sits in the corner of the dancehall being unnoticed

by the very people who need it the most.


Mark my word, you will soon have no option but to use publicity

to build your business.  Heck, to even stay in business!


That is, unless you have an unlimited bank account.


The good news – the news I’ve been preaching for years – is that

publicity can be easy to learn, easy to use and a whole heck of a

lot of fun.


Use it or lose!


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