In the last post I told you the first reason I feel that you will soon have no choice but to use publicity to market and sell your products or services.  Let’s move on to the second reason – and this reason hits you right in the bank account.


I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that the cost of advertising, mailing, yellow pages listings, etc. have risen to astronomical heights.


To make it worse, your competition has made this a game of “Mine is bigger than yours.” Running bigger and bigger ads.  Sending out more and more expensive mailings, thinking that outspending the competition is the way to win the game.


If you have pockets full of cash with no bottom, you may want to continue to play the game.


I have better things to do with my money than to try to outspend my competition.  I want to spend my money enjoying my life, helping dogs and other charitable causes.


That’s where publicity comes in.


I don’t care how big your competitors ad is in the newspaper.  If you get a big story about yourself and your business in the same paper, you win.  That’s because stories in the newspaper have more credibility than ads.  Anyone can pay for an ad.  Not everyone can get written up in the newspaper.  Well, they could get written up in the newspaper.  They just don’t know how.  If you know how to get publicity, you’ve got an enormous advantage.


When people read that story about you, they assume you must be the expert in the field.  If you weren’t the expert, why would the newspaper have done such a big story about you?


On the other hand, regardless of what size ad you run, you are seen as nothing more than a salesman.  And what do people do when they encounter salesmen?  They put up lots of barriers and resistance.


When a story about you appears in the newspaper or on radio or TV, resistance disappears.


The moral to this whole story?  If you want to do battle with your wallet, fine.  It can be a darned bloody battle.


If you have other plans for your money and you want true power, credibility and celebrity status, publicity is the way to go.


In the next post I’ll give you the third reason I’m confident that you will soon have no choice but to use publicity to promote your business, product or service.


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