One of the most common questions I get about publicity is “Why would reporters want to do a story about me and my business?”


The answer is that they don’t want to do a story about you and your business.  What they want to do a story about what you know.  As a reward for giving them good information about what you know, they will promote you and your business.


It makes absolutely no difference what you know, there’s a reporter interested in what you know.  There are topics that are hot at various times.  There are also topics that are always hot.


Topics that are always hot (and always will be) are sex, money and health.  If you can tie your story into one of these three topics, you’ll have an edge.


Topics that are hot right now include personal coaching, spirituality, personal security, problems with air travel and how to minimize them and many, many others.


But again, I don’t care what you know, it can be of interest to reporters.  You may think it’s routine or mundane information.  That’s your opinion.  Your opinion doesn’t matter.  It’s the opinion of the reporters and their audiences that matters.


For example, in my hometown newspaper during July 4th, the headline of one story was “Academy of Ophthalmology Warns Parents To Leave Fireworks To The Professionals”.


You may be saying: “No kidding.  This is news?”


Yep.  That story made it into the newspaper.  In fact, the same story makes it into the newspaper every year.


Another story in the same issue said: “Dog Owners Urged To Beware Of Lyme Disease”.


No kidding, right?  Who doesn’t know that.


That doesn’t matter.  It’s routine information, but it made it into the newspaper.


Never think that your information is too routine to be of interest to reporters.  You send out the press releases and let them decide.


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