I always tell my publicity students to offer themselves to reporters as sources of great information about their topic.  Some people get nervous about this because they don’t think they know everything about their topic.


That simply isn’t necessary.


No one on this planet knows everything about a topic.  It’s simply not possible.


Have you ever listened to “Car Talk” on National Public Radio?  The co-hosts call themselves Click and Clack.  They hold themselves out as experts on car repair.


If you’ve ever listened to the show, you’ve heard how often they are stumped by a question.  They even have a part of the show called “Stump the Chumps” where they have a past caller come back on the show to tell them whether their advice was right or not..  Many times they’re even dead wrong!


And they have one of the biggest, most popular car shows on the air.


Don’t feel you have to know everything about your topic.  You simply have to know more than the majority of people.


My guess is that if you’ve been in your field for any time at all, you know more about your topic than the majority of people.


It makes no difference whether your topic is knitting, car repair, financial planning, real estate pizza making or whatever.  You have information that many people want to know.


Reporters are dying for your information.  You aren’t giving it them for whatever reason.  Either you haven’t learned how to do it, you don’t think you know enough, you don’t think you have anything interesting to reporters, etc.


All of these “reasons” are simply excuses.  These excuses are holding you back and preventing you from getting publicity that can change your business and your life.


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