Let’s talk about joint ventures – also known as JVs.


Very simply, a joint venture is a business proposition where two people work together so that they both benefit.


For example, if I own a dry cleaning shop and you own an oil change center, I’ll give out your coupons for $10 off an oil change and you’ll give out my coupons for 2-for-one dry cleaning.


You and I aren’t competitors, so we only help each other buy giving out each others’ coupons.


Our customers are thrilled because they spent $10 on dry cleaning and I just gave them a coupon to save $10 on their next oil change.  It’s like getting the dry cleaning for free.


You and I both benefit by getting new customers we probably never would have had.


Everybody wins.


That’s just the most basic explanation of joint ventures.  There’s an incredible opportunity waiting for you in joint ventures.


Now what does this have to do with publicity?


To my thinking, publicity is the ultimate joint venture.  You are providing the reporters with great information that they can turn into stories that will sell papers and magazines or draw listeners and viewers.


In return, the reporters are willing to make you as famous and wealthy as you’d like to be.


You don’t compete with the media and they don’t compete with you.  Instead, you work together to benefit each other.


It’s a wonderful thing!


A while back I spoke at a seminar about publicity.  Almost all the questions from the audience were about how they could get the most from the media.  My answer was very simple – the more you give the media, the more they will give you.  Give them lots of great stories, they’ll give you lots of powerful, profitable publicity.  Give them nothing but blatant sales pitches for your product or service and they’ll just ignore you.


The people in the audience didn’t seem to grasp that concept.  They knew nothing about joint ventures.  They simply wanted their “free” publicity – and lots of it.


If you understand that publicity is the ultimate joint venture – you give something, you get something – you’ll be on the winning track.


You should learn as much as you can about joint ventures – how to find them, how to set them up, how to avoid problems and pitfalls, how to determine if a joint venture is hot enough to pursue and lots more.


When you think about it, most of what you do in life is a joint venture – your job, your marriage, your volunteer work, etc.  Knowing how to set up good joint ventures will not only benefit you, it’ll benefit everyone ‘ which will give you extra benefit.


But knowing how to set up great publicity joint ventures will pay you back BIG TIME!


See you next time.


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