In my articles, blog posts, Twitter posts, etc. I’ve stressed over and over again the value of creating your own celebrity status and how publicity can easily and quickly help you get this celebrity status.


I just finished reading a book titled “Fame Junkies”.  A few parts of the introduction grabbed me right by the throat.  In this section the author talks about why celebrity status is like catnip for so many people.


Kids come to the conclusion that being famous brings lots of things that can make your life better.  “After all, do you really have to take the garbage out when you’re a Hollywood star?”


Adults take it even farther.  They see how celebrities are adored, are given red carpet treatment everywhere they go, how they are truly a different part of society.


The author details how even college professors see the enormous value of celebrity status.  He talks about one professor who knew how to use publicity to create celebrity status for himself.  The college he works for saw the value in his self-created celebrity status and gave him one of the largest offices on campus with a panoramic view of rolling green lawns.  But that office is only temporary while the college builds him an even larger office complete with a dressing room!


You cannot overestimate the value of celebrity status that publicity gives you.  One of the greatest benefits of publicity is that you don’t have to do anything special to gain that celebrity status.  To the vast majority of people, just the fact that you are on radio or TV or in newspapers and magazines makes you a celebrity.


You don’t have to be a movie star or talk show host.  You simply have to be interviewed by the media.


Now am I saying you’ll have the same celebrity status as the current Oscar winners?  Probably not.  But in your own field, you may quickly become “the” celebrity in the field.  And isn’t that what you want?


When I speak at seminars and show the clips of me on Donahue, Jenny Jones, Johnny Carson, To Tell the Truth, etc.  I instantly become a celebrity.  Without a doubt, I am the celebrity publicity expert – and I have no competition.


It makes no difference whether you’re an exterminator, a mortgage broker, a bakery owner, a roofer or whatever, the media can make you a celebrity.


People love to be around celebrities, regardless of their field.  If you use publicity to gain celebrity status, you could have people feel the same way about you and your business.


Never, never, never underestimate the value of celebrity status to your business.  And never, never, never underestimate the ability of the media to bestow that status on you.


That sure seems to make it worthwhile to learn the right way to get publicity, doesn’t it?



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