Recently I told you about the incredible success Dr. Brad LaGarce had when he followed my system for writing and sending out a press release. I mentioned that his story was picked up by a syndicate service and sent to 800 media outlets around the world.

CH Landon emailed me a great question about that success. He wants to know how a local chiropractor can benefit from his story going to 800 media contacts worldwide.

Not only is it a superb question, this principle is at the heart of my publicity system.

Let’s use Dr. LaGarce as the example in this discussion. I don’t know how many other chiropractors are in his target area, but I’ll bet it’s quite a few. So, each chiro is competing for new patients, all coming from the same area.

My bet is that not one of those chiros, except for Dr. LaGarce, knows how to use publicity. So, how do they attract new patients? They all probably use the same limited marketing arsenal – spinal exams in the mall, free seminars about your health and your spine, paid ads in the local newspapers, yellow pages ads, etc.

Did you notice that all of these are not only time consuming but expensive?

So, here we have dozens of chiropractors using the same marketing techniques to attract patients. Basically they are all screaming “Pick me, pick me” as they wildly wave their hands in the air, hoping new patients will come to them.

Now let’s look at Dr. LaGarce. He knows how to use publicity to stand above the crowd. So, he first gets several stories about himself and his practice in the local newspaper and on the local radio and TV stations. This establishes credibility.

Then, he hits the jackpot. His story is picked up around the world. He gets interviews on radio and TV stations and in newspapers and magazines in every corner of this planet.

What does he do with this publicity goldmine?

First, he sends more press releases to his local media, talking about how this local chiropractor is being sought after and interviewed by media around the world. Don’t you think his local media would be darned impressed? And how about the people in his community who are hearing and reading about “their” local chiropractor being an international celebrity?

Then, he takes the newspaper articles from around the world, frames them and puts them up in his waiting room. While people are waiting to see him, they don’t look at a bunch of meaningless certificates and diplomas. They read about him in newspapers from around the globe. Impressive!

He takes recordings of the radio interviews and has them play over the phone when callers are put on hold. He doesn’t use that wasteful, silly “hold music” that so many people use.

Finally, he puts several of his TV interviews from around the world on a DVD. He gives copies of the DVD to prospective patients and says “Here’s some information about chiropractic and your health I thought you’d be interested in.” He also has a DVD player and a TV in a corner of his office. As patients are waiting to see him, the video showing him on worldwide TV is playing.

Darn impressive!

Dr. LaGarce is no longer just another one of the local chiropractors competing for patients – he’s an international celebrity.

Get out of the rut of thinking that you should only seek local publicity. When you are interviewed around the country or around the world, you’re no longer an insurance salesman, a chiropractor or a plumber – you’re
a celebrity. And that celebrity status makes selling and succeeding a whole lot easier.

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See you next time.


P.S. – All you chiropractors out there – take down those posters showing the spine and all the nerves that go from the spine to various parts of the body. Hardly anyone understands them, no one cares about them and they’re making you look like every other chiropractor out there.

Don’t you think a wall full of framed articles about you from publications around the country would be far more impressive to your patients?

And that goes for any of you who have an office where people come to see you. Take down that “same old stuff” and replace it with things that have far more impact!

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