I hate humorless people.


In the last few posts I’ve told you about mud-wrestling women, Freedom Fries, phony ATM receipts designed to meet women, a $41 hamburger, etc.


99.9% of you saw the point of those stories – they each were darned easy to do and each generated huge amounts of publicity.  And publicity means dollars in the bank.


Well, after each of those issues, a few joyless people sent me emails preaching about the evils of such stories.  I wanted to hear from them as much as I want to hear from the IRS.


I did what any good marketer would do.  I deleted them from my subscriber database without responding to them.


Know who else hates humorless people?  The media.


Media people not only love good stories, they love people who enjoy and can present good stories.


I’m not talking about doing a standup comedy routine for the media.  That usually falls flat on its face.


I’m talking about having a sense of humor, not taking yourself so gosh darned seriously and being able to get even the most serious topic across with a bit of lightheartedness.


Over and over again in my posts I’ve clearly demonstrated to you how easy it can be to get massive publicity with a simple idea.  Now take that thought one step further.


Can you come up with a simple idea and add a touch of light humor to it?


How serious do you think the guy with the $41 hamburger was when he did interviews?  Remember, he said: “Eating a $41 hamburger isn’t just a meal, it’s an experience.”


The reporters loved him and rewarded him with enormous amounts of publicity.


And the guy with the phony ATM receipts.  Did you catch any of those interviews?  Light, airy, entertaining.  A media hit!


The mud-wrestling women – now come on, do I really have to explain that one?


Freedom Fries?  How long did it take to come up with that one?  Do you think that guy did his interviews with a stony face and a serious tone?  If he did, he never would have gotten the publicity he did.


He didn’t make it a joke, but he did his interviews with a proud smile – Freedom Fries, a symbol of America.


The moral?  Stop taking your own dear self so seriously.  Not many people, especially the media, like people with a black cloud looming over their heads.


Lighten up and reap the rewards the media has to offer you.


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