Some of you may not be taking advantage of the publicity opportunities available to you because you’re nervous about doing the interviews.


I have a few tips that should take care of that.


First, you’re not going to get nervous.  You may get excited, but you won’t get nervous.


Want proof?


I’ll bet you’ve listened to over 1,000 radio talk shows in your life, right?  Have you ever heard a nervous guest on any of those shows?


Nope.  Neither have I.


Is that because they’re professional guests?  No.  They’re just like you and me.  But they’re talking to 100,000 people and they aren’t nervous.  How can that be?


What you might not know about radio interviews is that they’re done from your own home, over the telephone.  You don’t go anywhere.  All you have to do is talk to one person over the phone.  You can do that, can’t you?


Same is true for newspaper interviews.  You do them right over the phone.


If you’re doing an interview with your local newspaper, a reporter may want to do the interview in person.  But for the most part they’re too busy to travel to you or to even have you go to them.  The phone is the fastest, easiest way for them to do the interviews.


Does that ease your concerns about being too nervous to do media interviews?


Good.  Then get started on your publicity campaigns and get your share of the benefits!


More tips next time.


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