In one of my recent articles titled “Publicity Opportunities in People’s Demand for Security” I was talking about the obsession many people in this country have developed for safety and security. I had my own little run in with it two days ago.


Mary and I went into a furniture store and arranged to have a decorator come to our home and help us choose furniture, design the rooms, etc.


The decorator came, we picked the furniture we wanted and went to pay by check.  I was told that the store had a policy that if I was going to pay by check I had to provide them with a copy of my drivers license, including my license number and my social security number.


I asked why that was.


The decorator told me that it was for “my protection”.  I couldn’t figure that one out for the life of me.


The decorator was in my house, my check had my home address on it.  The furniture would be delivered a few weeks in the future, far beyond the time the check would have cleared.


I was firmly told that this was the store’s policy.  I replied that it was my policy to not do business with stores that demanded my confidential information for no good reason.


The smirk quickly left the face of the decorator.  He called his manager.


Again, I was told about the “store policy”.  Again I told him about my policy.


I went to take back my check.


Very quickly, the store policy changed.  They kept my check, I kept my confidential information private and my furniture was delivered in a few weeks.


I’m astonished at how quickly people will give away confidential information just because they’re told about a “policy”, or they’re told that it’s for their “protection”.


Many times over the past few months I’ve told you that this obsession with safety, security, protection, etc. is opening up tremendous opportunities for publicity.


Are you following up on these opportunities?


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