During one of my trips to the NY State Fair, I came up with a bunch of great publicity ideas.


This first one has to do with one of the greatest benefits you get for free when you use publicity.  That’s the benefit of becoming an instant celebrity.  Don’t laugh or scoff at that for even one second.  Celebrity status is pure power.  Here’s proof.


Every year at The Fair there’s a gentleman who makes the announcements at The Fair.  He sits behind a microphone in one of the building somewhere on the Fairgrounds.


Every day he says things like:


“Good morning.  It’s Wednesday and welcome to The Fair.  This morning at 10 there’ll be a goat milking demonstration.  At 11 there’ll be the baby pig competition.”


Get the idea?  That’s all he does.


He was asked to go on one of the stages at The Fair and introduce a little act.  Something like a kazoo band or a polka band.  Something like that.


When people realized he was “the announcer” he was mobbed.  People wanted to shake his hand, take a photo with him.  I even saw him autographing Fair programs.


Now once again, all this guy does is, for the 12 days of The Fair, make announcements like “The rooster crowing contest is about to begin in the poultry barn” and he’s a celebrity.


Why?  Because he’s “on the air” even though the only people who could hear him were the people attending The Fair that day.


Made no difference.  He was “on the air” and they weren’t.


That’s power!  Power you only get from publicity.  That’s one of the most exciting benefits of using and getting publicity.  You can’t possibly get that same effect using paid advertising.  Can you imagine anyone going up to a supermarket owner saying: “Hey, you’re the guy who advertises a dozen eggs for 99 cents.  Can I have your autograph?”


Never.  You only get that from publicity.  And you get it for free.


So instead of simply being a chiropractor, a real estate agent, an insurance sales rep, an accountant or whatever, be *the* celebrity chiropractor, real estate agent, insurance sales rep, accountant or the celebrity (fill this in with your business).


You’ll be amazed at what that can do for you!


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