Lots of people moan about not being successful.  They give a list of reasons (excuses) why they don’t have the money they want, the status they want, the life they want.


On the surface, the reasons (excuses) sound reasonable.  Have to raise and take care of the kids.  Don’t get paid enough.  Husband left me.  Have a mortgage to pay.  Wrong race, gender, age or whatever.  Struggling to make ends meet.


They’re all lies.


People aren’t where they want to be simply because they haven’t made the decision to be there.  They’re afraid, reluctant or too lazy to take the steps necessary to get them where they want to be.


Oh, it’s nice to dream about getting there.  It’s nice to be able to talk about it with anyone who’ll listen.


“I’m headed for big things.”  “I’ve got big plans.”


Yeah, right.  Is that why things have been the same for them for the past 5 years?  Or maybe the past 15 years?


It may sound like I have a little edge in this article.  You’re doggone right I do.  This has been a downright annoying few days.


I hired my fourth interior decorator.  She didn’t show up.


Bought some furniture.  It didn’t show up.


Ordered some custom made shirts.  Didn’t deliver when they said they would.  In fact, they weren’t even close.  They’re going to be late by over a month.


Ordered some marketing CDs.  Weren’t shipped.


Got emails from six people who wanted me to make them and their products instant celebrities.  They didn’t want to do the work, mind you.  They had the “product of the century.”  They were giving me the exclusive opportunity to take their product and make them a fortune.  They would cut me in once the big bucks started rolling in.


Spoke with a bunch of people who were whining about where they are in life.  Not enough money, having to work past when they thought they would, still in a 9-5 job.  You know the routine.


I asked them what they had done to change things.


Absolutely nothing.


Did they read a marketing book?  Did they go to a seminar?  Did they listen to some instructional CDs?


Nope.  They just wanted their lives to magically change.


I don’t get it.  I simply don’t get it.


Maybe it’s just human nature, but people expect to live the good life without having to do anything for it.


And they bitch about people who have made it, assuming they must have made their money by ripping people off.


It’s doggone frustrating.


But then I also got three letters from three of my publicity students, telling me about tremendous successes they’ve had following my system.


And all the frustration and crankiness went away.


Someone did something.  They tried until they succeeded.  And they reaped the rewards of their efforts.


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