Yesterday I put up a new post titled “A Simple, Powerful Way to Get Publicity…and Starting a Business.”

In that post I gave you a very powerful template headline:

“This Is Why You’re Fat”

Then I showed you how to convert that template into a headline that would fit just about any business, in about 10 seconds.

Then I told you to get the same domain name, create a product and you’re in business.

Now for the success story you can (should) model.

Some of you are going to take this as motivation.

Others of you may take this as chastising.

It’s your choice.

Within hours of sending you that email, directing you to the blog post, I got an email from one of my favorite publicity students, Dan Page. Dan told me that he read the post and then immediately bought the domain names and

Dan said he’s going to create a product that will help people who are struggling during this economic downturn. Then he’s going to create press releases with those titles and then, with the resulting publicity, he’s going to drive people to the websites.

He didn’t sit around thinking of reasons this isn’t going to work. He didn’t sit around wondering if the headlines/domain names are perfect. He didn’t sit around fretting about the economic situation.


He jumped on a good idea as soon as he saw it.

What’s his downside risk?

So far it’s about $20 for the two domain names, which I think are pretty good names!

If you saw a story in your newspaper or online or on radio about a website called and you read about some of the information on the site, do you think you could really stay away from that site?

When I heard about the website “”, I had to go there. I’m a total vegetarian and I have never weighed more than 150 pounds, but I still had to go to that website.

Dan went on to tell me another action story.

Last night he responded to a CNET reporter who was looking for some last minute quotes for an article she was doing on how to position your business. Within 30 minutes, the reporter called Dan and now he and his website link are in her story.

How difficult was that?

Are you getting the lesson here? It’s pretty darn simple. It’s the one I’ve been preaching, pounding, ranting and otherwise screaming about.

Nothing happens without action.


But the vast majority of people do nothing. They marvel at how some people are so successful. They tell tales of woe about the land they could have bought in Florida, the great idea they had that someone “stole”, the valuable domain names they could have bought…

as they stare out the window of their rented one room apartment at their 1972 Vega with six shades of primer.

If you’re one of those people who have trouble taking action, or have trouble trying to decide what to do first, or have trouble focusing long enough to complete a project and get money coming in, or are afraid of making a mistake, you’re missing out on THE greatest opportunites of your life.

You’re missing out on a great life.

You’re missing out on what life is about.

Get a coach to work with you. Someone who can get you past those barriers, with the biggest barrier being the lack of action.

People are yammering on and on and on about some economic crisis.

Economic crisis, my Aunt Tilly’s undies. This is one of the greatest times of opportunity we will ever see.

But only if you’re willing to take action. Only if you’re not afraid to fail. Only if you don’t put imaginary barriers up.

I’m going to post this whole message on my blog in case you want to read it again and again and again.

That’s enough for this rant.  Opportunity is knocking on my front door and I’m not afraid to open it and say hello.

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