Publicity can be used for just about every single aspect of your life.  Tens of thousands of media people all around the world are very willing to help you accomplish whatever it is you want to do – as long as you give them what they want.  That’s a good story.  Every one of you reading this ezine has lots of great stories.


But the power of publicity doesn’t stop there.


Publicity can also create urban legends.


For example, many people believe that the following stories are true because they appear repeatedly in the media.  Actually none of them ever happened.  They are all myths:


* the woman who knocked her teeth out while sneaking into a nightclub’s restroom to avoid paying a $3.50 cover charge.  Supposedly she was awarded $12,000 by a jury.  It never happened.


* the guy who used a lawn mower as a hedge clipper, injured himself and won a judgment of $500,000.  Never happened.


* the woman who threw a soft drink at her boyfriend in a restaurant, slipped on the soda and won $100,000 in her lawsuit.  Never happened


* the woman who tripped over her own son in a furniture store and won $780,000.  Never happened


* the man who was stealing hubs caps and was run over by the car he was stealing from.  He won $74,000.  Never happened.


* the man who was burglarizing a home, got trapped in the garage and won $500,000.  Never happened.


* the man who put his motor home on cruise control, then went in the back to make himself some coffee.  He won $1,750,000.  Never happened.


These are examples – although negative ones – of the power of publicity.  Imagine what a well-planned publicity campaign can do for you or your business!


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