Your headline is the most important part of your press release, regardless of whether you’re going to use online or offline distribution for your release.

The job of the headline is to FORCE the reporter to keep reading. To give that reporter no other choice but to read the rest of your release.

If your headline doesn’t do it’s job, your press release is dead.

Many people get stuck on the headline. So nothing happens. No headline, no press release, no publicity.

But there’s a secret to writing a great headline – and it has nothing to do with being a great writer, being creative or even having great inspiration.

It has everything to do with using formula headlines.

A formula headline is one that’s already been tested, tried and has been successful. All you have to do is replace a few words with your words – and that’s simple to do.

Here’s an example:

5 Ways to Avoid Medication Mistakes

That’s a formula headline. That’s a headline that deals with health. So how do we adapt that headline to work for other topics?

It’s a breeze. Watch:

9 Ways to Avoid Investment Mistakes

6 Ways to Avoid Relationship Mistakes

Get the idea? Want another example?

25 Skills Every Guy Should Have

Now let’s make some simple changes:

14 Skills Every College Student Should Have

8 Skills Every Single Woman Should Have

7 Skills Every Senior Citizen Should Have

That’s it. Your headline is done in about 5 seconds.

There are hundreds of formula headlines. Don’t waste time trying to come up with a killer headline. It’s already been done for you. The most important thing for you to do is use a formula headline, finish your press release, get it out to the media either on- or offline and start reaping the benefits of publicity.

I have a great headline tool you should be using. It’ll produce over 150 headlines for you in under 10 seconds. It’s  at:

Your headline is everything. Pick a good one, but don’t waste time coming up with your own. Use formula headlines to get you on the road to publicity success.

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