Several years ago I held a contest for my newsletter subscribers. I asked them to come up with ideas on how to use banners to get publicity for a business.


Now, I’m going to tell you what their ideas were.  By the time you finish reading, you’ll have new publicity ideas you never thought of; ideas you can put to work for you right now.


The first winner was Steve Boutelle.  Here’s Steve’s idea:


” Remember “Where’s Waldo?” and “Herb?”  Let’s take the banner and place it all over town, picking a new location every other day.  Create a contest in conjunction with a local radio/TV station. Have each day’s winner be the first one to bring a photo of themselves with the banner at the place where it’s been hidden. Place each winner’s name in a grand prize drawing. Plan with the station the placement of the banner in unique locations in advance.  Announce on radio/TV and in newspaper.”



The second winner was Jeffrey Hedquist.  Here’s his idea:


Create a banner that makes a superhero, celebrity or star out a customer and leave a space in the banner for a person’s head. Take a picture of your customers in front of banner when they visit, and give them the photo to take home, show at the office, school, etc.  Example:  dentist could design a banner that positions client as a “healthy tooth hero.”  A skydiving school could have one for “Birdman of  (city)”  (Paul’s comment: These photos should also be sent to the community newspapers.)


And the third winner was Jill Rigby.  Jill suggested:


“Place a question on a banner that your book will answer on the frontage road to the mall. Place a second banner further down the road with the title of your book and contact info.  For example:  FIRST BANNER:  Don’t! Don’t!  Don’t!   Are you tired of saying that to your children?     SECOND BANNER:  We’re here to help you: Manners of the Heart at Home.    Ask for it at your local bookstore or visit our website:


And here’s one more bonus idea.  It comes from my friend Markus Allen.  He says:


“Why not get your banner displayed during the Super Bowl (without paying a fortune for the mention)?  Make your prospects and offer.  Have them create a sign (any size, color, or shape) I’ll pay $1,000 plus $1,000 per second it’s displayed.  And if it’s caught on camera at least 15 seconds, you’ll double the payout.


What’s the catch… the sign must be big enough to be seen my aging grandmother.  Make sure the sign reads:


       FREE and Low-Cost Marketing Tips & Ideas



Would you pay a few thousand dollars for the same publicity big companies pay millions for?”



Do you think you could take one of these ideas, along with a vinyl banner and turn it into a bunch of publicity for you and your business?


I’ve got a bunch of darned brilliant subscribers.


Next time I’m going to tell you how to use postcards in your publicity campaigns.  Don’t dare miss that one.


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