I LOVE books of lists. They supercharge my imagination. They force me to think in ways and areas I never have before.

I bring this up because I just got another great book of lists. The title is “1001 Ways To Make Money – If You Dare” by Trent Hamm.

In the book you’ll find things like turn your car intoa billboard, track down lost pets, hire out as a repo man, send American products to Ex-Pats and a thousand

Now I don’t know if I’ll find an idea that I want toput into action. That’s not the point. The book has pried open my imagination even further.

So I may not want to sell American products to Ex-Pats, but the Ex-Pat market may be good for me for something else.

Books of headlines stimulate you to think of other headlines, story ideas, etc. that you can use.

Books of travel destinations get you thinking of a vacation that’s more than a week at the same old beach.

Another book of lists I love is “1,500 Great Gift Ideas”. I’m one of those guys who’s terrible at picking out gifts. This book has been incredibly helpful.

In fact, do you want a story that will bring a little tear to your eye?

Mary’s birthday was last month. I had no idea what to get her. So I flipped through the book. I saw an idea that hit home – have a family portrait taken. Well, our “family” is me, Mary and seven dogs.

I called the photo studio. They were very happy to have all nine of us come in. It actually caused quite a sensation in the mall!

The photos we had taken were stunning! Our #1 dog, Bandit, is clearly Mary’s favorite, so she had a few photos taken just with him.

We chose three group photos to have printed on the spot. We also had a proof sheet of the other photos we would look over later.

A friend of ours wanted to get Mary a present. I told her about the photos – especially one of Bandit and Mary that we did not have printed out. We arranged to have one of the prints of Mary and Bandit beautifully framed.

Mary came home, opened the photo and had tears in her eyes – it was so beautiful.

That was the last photo Bandy had taken, because right after that he passed away.

Had the photos been taken the next weekend, it would have been too late. Had I not had the book, I never would have thought of that gift, which became one of the best gifts I ever could have given Mary, even though every time we see it, tears come to OUR eyes.

In my next email I’ll tell you about my all time favorite book of lists, my favorite place to buy books and one book you should get, just to soothe your soul.

Next time.

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