Today I’m yielding to pressure – the pressure put on a bunch of my subscribers.

Seems like a lot of you need a good transcriber. So, I’m going to acquiesce (how do you like that word) and reveal her contact information.

If you go to and search the user name Catvando you’ll find her. She offers a lot of services beyond transcription. I’ve used her for transcription and I LOVE her.

Plus, she also does animal rescue work, so she gets an extra gold star from me. In fact, she gets a double gold star because she does animal hospice work. I’m not so sure I could do that. I have a lot of respect for her.

So, there you go. One of my hottest, most valuable, most revered resources is today’s Great Resource for you.

More to come


P.S. – Two important things about my publicity member site –

First, the offer I made of a free membership to subscribers of my paid, paper and ink newsletter is long gone. That was just a short offer made last December. The member site membership and the paper and ink newsletter are two separate things.

Second, if you are already a member of, I want to be sure you know that there is a full course on how to drive traffic to your website.

Once you log in, click on the “Marketing Videos” link on the top menu bar. Then click on the link that says “49 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Website”.

If you’re not a member, you can get a one day pass and watch the videos for just $1.

Go to: and sign up.

I’ll be back with more Great Resources soon.

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  1. Ana-Marie Jones (from your Elite 17!) Says:

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks so much for recommending Catvando on

    I user her for a project and she was simply AWESOME! I’ve done transcription with various people before, so know GREAT when I see it. I second your rave review of her work!

    Thanks for always sharing the best resources — you ROCK!


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